About me

I’m welcoming you again.

My name’s Ken Krippeler; my self-given artist name is Lichtverbunden, which is a combination of two German words ‘Licht’, meaning Light, and ‘verbunden’, meaning connected. So it means something along the lines of ‘connected to light’. I was born in 1991.

In many ways I feel a lot and deep. This has many advantages and helps me on my path. I can feel when someone doesn’t feel good and I’ll address it.

But it also has disadvantages. A lot of the time I feel overwhelmed by all these emotions, and often times I feel lonely in that. In all those years it made me bitter, angry, and it made me feel helpless. In such a way, that I started to isolate myself. For many years I didn’t have much contact with anyone, besides my family. Slowly I am opening myself up again, although it isn’t easy.

In these years many videogames and Anime helped me to remember over and over again who I am and what values are the most important in my life.

On the one hand I want to share those really deep experiences here on my website. I’ll integrate those in my reviews as well.

But I also want to share texts that I’ll write spontaneously. Those are texts that tell experiences that touched me in some way.

I wish you much joy on my website.

PS. Should you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me through the contact form.